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Protocol Suprema

Universal rights and responsibilities of civilized beings. 


I believe all people are born caring, compassionate and honest. Society then shapes us into what we become. Those of us who have been able to maintain this original programming throughout our lives are the ones who should be providing the direction, leadership and stability to help and guide others.

Generally, our fundamental guidance comes from our parents, religion, schools and other such similar things. Up until now, there has not been a complete universal standard for all to embrace.

Protocol Suprema is that standard. This lays out the building blocks for people to embrace, leading to the highest quality standard of living and a sustainable future.



Protocol Suprema

For all living beings with the ability to experience happiness and love, feel sorrow and pain, suffer from shame, and who are subject to other such emotions effecting the mind and spirit, this document is put forth as a common universal standard for life, longevity and happiness.

It is first proclaimed that in all decision-making processes the best results will be achieved when the benefits to self and all others are in equilibrium.

It is also proclaimed that all beings shall have these following rights:  

  • to peace, love and happiness

  • to nutrition

  • to education

  • to home and family

  • to medical care

  • to social security

  • to free will.

It is also proclaimed that all beings shall conduct themselves in a civilized manner consistent with the following:

  • do good

  • develop and use your intellect

  • be trustworthy

  • be respectful

  • have integrity

  • be compassionate

  • treat the body as sacred

  • take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your family

  • promote this writing.

It is also proclaimed that anyone who disdains, their rights to free will shall be limited to the extent that they are a threat to the spirit of this writing.

Finally, it is proclaimed that supporters of this Protocol Suprema, their names be displayed publicly for all to see forever.





“It is proclaimed that in all decision-making processes the best results will be achieved when the benefits to self and all others are in equilibrium.”

This statement is rooted in fact. Dr. John Nash, mathematician and economist, was presented with the Nobel Prize in Economics for the “Nash Equilibrium” theory. The Nash Equilibrium is used in auctions, collective-bargaining agreements and the financial markets to most fairly settle concerns.

By applying John Nash's theory, a concrete mathematical foundation can be  established for all decision making. To achieve the best results we must always consider what's best for the self and all others. Thanks to Dr. Nash and everyone who supported him, it’s now an irrefutable law of nature supported by math and science and years of successful applications.

What does all this mean? The simple answer is that in order for the human race to continue as a civilized society, all conflicts must be resolved peacefully, logically and without emotion. All people must be taught the concepts of the Protocol Suprema and live by them.


Each person on this planet has the responsibility to all the rest to live life doing good. It is the responsibility of the elders to teach the children and all others. The people who lie, cheat and steal are the ones destroying the human race. The people fighting, torturing and killing are enemies to themselves and to everyone. People acting in retaliation and/or resentment are also toxic to human existence and must be limited in their free will.


If the human race does cease to continue due to our own hand, it will be evidence that we were never civilized, not intelligent, and that we were nothing more than animals.

By Charles Hoyt Terrill IV, Cambridge Massachusetts
First published on the third day of March, 2018. Last updated 12/31/2018.


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