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The Duck Duck Bitcoin Paper Wallet is very simple to use. 

Transfer your bitcoin to the public address of the wallet. Store the wallet somewhere safe like a bank vault. It should be treated better then cash. 


Whoever has this wallet is in control of the bitcoin it contains. If it is lost, there is no way to recover it. This is considered to be the very best and safest way to store and transfer bitcoin.


It makes a fantastic gift too. Load any amount of bitcoin to the public address and give it to anyone. They do not have to have an account to receive the wallet. It's perfect for birthdays, weddings and graduations.   It's a very hip and memorable gift and could also greatly appreciate in value over time. Get one and try it out.

Here is how it works.

Under the foil tape is your private key. You should not open it until you are ready to spend it. Anyone who sees this key will have immediate access to the bitcoin.  

To open the foil, turn it over and cut along the lines as pictured below. 

Once you cut the edges, the key will be exposed. Gently peal the end apart and you are finished. 

Duck Duck Bitcoin wallets are a product created with pain-staking attention to security and detail. Order now! 

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