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Quick Look


  • 4 and 8 megawatt models

  • Scalable arrays  

  • Phase stability

  • Low friction

  • Reduction in harmonic phase imbalance

  • Peak load support

  • Fast response times

  • Low maintenance

  • High return on investment

The one-megawatt barrier is shattered in flywheel technology with our 8 megawatt, “Model One” flywheel. The “Model One” Flywheel design is a patentable breakthrough in bearing design capable of supporting very large weights safely with extremely low frictional loss.


Several 8 megawatt flywheels strategically located is any large city would offer enormous grid stability. Arrays in banks of 10 would add 80 megawatts per bank.


This technology will also support windmills by allowing direct mechanical connections from the turbine to the flywheel increasing efficiency many times over battery storage.


Large short-term current demands are easily delivered for those peak load conditions.


UPS services for mission critical operations like hospitals, water works and transportation infrastructure.


Long life, simple and inexpensive maintenance. Superior return on investment. The flywheel mass is made of high-grade stainless steel and can be detached from its bearings and drive train to stand-alone. This will allow bearings and other supporting mechanisms to be upgraded without having to replace the flywheel mass. This incredible feature means the effective life span of the device can easily exceed 20 years.  


The Dynamic, real time, balancing system allows for very precise adjustments for greater efficiency and safety.   

If you want more information on this amazing breakthrough product please register at and send email to the address on our main page. 

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