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Boston Flywheel Corporation

The one-megawatt barrier is shattered with our monster 8-megawatt, Model One Flywheel Substation. The Model One Flywheel Substation design is a breakthrough in large rotating mass technology. At over 35 tons it’s the solution to so many problems facing the electrical grid like harmonic distortion, angular instability, security, and peak load demands.

The one-megawatt barrier is shattered in flywheel technology with our 8 megawatt, “Model One” flywheel. The “Model One” Flywheel design is a patentable breakthrough in bearing design capable of supporting very large weights safely with extremely low frictional loss.

It’s time to get serious and make some real progress with one of the World’s most important technological resources. The smart grid of the future starts now with the Model One Flywheel Substation.


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