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CHT4 Corporation,  Cambridge, MA



We have over 60 amazing projects under development related to humanity and happiness. We are completely understaffed and need help. We are looking for co-founders and offering restricted equity participation and/or commission only. If you need immediate cash compensation, please do not respond. All co-founders will share in the profit of the business.

We are not offering employment positions at this time.

If you have skills related to: ANSI C, social media marketing, science, engineering, writing, analytics, mathematics, advertising, sales, pitching and fundraising we could use your help. If you want to be part of the next big startup then contact Charles Terrill. 

New buildings, startups, partners, opportunities.

We are actively looking for a building. We need 100,000+ square feet of office / R&D / Manufacturing space. We are looking to hire more than 100 people and host 200 interns. The facility will be used for manufacturing the Shovelrope line of products, storage facility for our storage business, development space for the flywheel, co-working space for humanitarian related startups, research and development laboratory for our many projects, and a wind tunnel for our aviation group. We also need a test city with a traffic problem to implement our automobile traffic control system.


With all the ghost malls and other large vacant properties available across the country, this could be a big improvement to your city or town. If you have a building please contact us.



If you want investment information on our projects contact us. To join our email update list click on the email update button below.

Startup partners 
If your startup needs capital please send a one page summary. If it is not obvious, please explain how your project is related to our humanity and happiness mission. We do not sign NDAs so please only send public information.


Strategic Partner

We are looking for strategic partners for many of our projects. We would be greatly appreciative of anyone who could get us a meeting with any of the following organizations/people. Here is the list:

Kevin O'Leary many projects,
Robert Herjavec security software,
Mark Cuban popcorn solutions,

Warren Buffett Popcorn solutions,
Jeff Bezos cloud storage solution,
Narendra Modi regarding Concentrated Solar Thermal Power and bicycles,

Richard Branson regarding, Ironman suit (Exoskeleton),

GE regarding turbine and windmill technology,

City of Boston/DOT regarding automobile traffic control,

State of Massachusetts/DOT regarding Shovelrope and automobile traffic control,

MBTA regarding passenger loading efficiency and special night operations,  

Honda regarding transmissions, bicycles, and ATVs,

Toyota regarding transmissions and bicycles,

Google regarding automobile traffic control,

UMass Lowell all projects,

City of Lowell all projects.




Invest in humanity and happiness. It’s the only way.
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“You should check out this company when you get a chance.
They are a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm trying to save the human
race from self-destruction by investing in humanity and happiness.

Contact Charles Terrill here:

To add your email address to the list click on the email update button below.

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