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Here are a few projects we are working on to make the world a better place. All our projects are inline with the Terrill Institute agenda to save the human race from self-destruction.  

Music and the Arts

Music is a very important to many people. If you have ever played an instrument you know the many positive effects it can have on one's self and others. We have developed sound systems for most any venue for production and also sound reinforcement. This should make it much easier for these artists to perform. Additionally, we are providing all types of consulting services in support of all the arts. 


Open the Window

Air quality in our homes is so important to our health. The systems we have under development will both heat and cool, adjust humidity levels and clean the air. It will be very affordable and perhaps the best thing is, you will get your window back. 

Sound the Alarm

Water damage to homes and businesses happens all the time, and the source of the water may not be coming from where you think. The key is identifying a problem before it happens. 


Automatic Markdown

If it doesn't sell, give it to charity! eCommerce has turned around. The Automatic Markdown Reverse Auction is on the horizon. 

Rise of the Popcorn Machines

Popcorn is an inexpensive source of fiber most everyone can enjoy. Our high performance popcorn machines take the industry to a whole new level.


Iron Man

Want to fly and have great strength like Iron Man! Our exoskeleton technologies will make walking, running and lifting almost effortless. This is for everyone including the elderly, amputees and others with mobility challenges. 

Round and Round

The Model One Flywheel does more then store energy. It will completely revitalize the electrical grid!  



Flying boats again!

Our defense department keeps us safe. In 1914 it was perfectly natural to see this plane flying around Marblehead Harbor, Massachusetts. Keep your eyes open, it could happen again. 

Energy Transport

Concentrated Solar Thermal power is an amazingly simple system where thousands of mirrors are arranged on hundreds of acres of land to collect sunlight to generate steam and then electricity.
We have ways to package and transport sunlight, which solves a very big energy distribution problem.

Laser Tag Game
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